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Albany Receives FFA Award

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Exchangites of the Exchange Club of Albany, Kay Griffin, Jerry Clack, and Loy Addison attended the Southwest Region FFA banquet in Tifton. Young people across this region were recognized for their outstanding work-many of these youths participated in the club’s … Read More

Mercy Flight Outlined For Macon

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Edward Lowe the third generation of his family’s Lowe Aviation Company located at the Middle Georgia Regional Airport briefed the Exchange Club of Macon on a unique project of service they are undertaking. Edward excitedly shared that Lowe Aviation will … Read More

Waycross Club Briefed By Local Legislative Membes

· Reading Time: 2 minutes

Burton Carter on right, stands next to Representative Jason Spencer, Senator Tyler Harper, President Michael Ray and Representative John Corbit The Exchange Club of Waycross members were briefed by Georgia Representative Jason Spencer, Representative John Corbitt and Seventh District Senator, Tyler Harper as … Read More

Griffin Sponsors Tournament

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The Exchange Club of Griffin sponsored its 14th annual Golf Tournament and a large number of teams were lined up and ready to tee off.  As part of the festivities held at the tournament, the club presented a $2500 donation … Read More

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