Waycross hears about local child abuse prevention programs

· Reading Time: 2 minutes

Zina Ponsell, Director of Magnolia House – Shelter for the Abused in Waycross spoke to the Exchange Club of Waycross recently. Ms. Ponsell presented comments on RAD KIDS, a national leader in children’s safety and development. They teach kids how to turn fear into power in order to prevent sexual assault on kids. They teach how to set boundaries and stop bullying.

They emphasize Personal, Empowerment, Safety, and Education. RAD has three rules: 1. Make “cool” kids who know they are special and protected and not experiencing hurt; 2. Myself is the focus of keeping myself safe; 3. Whatever happens, it is not their fault. Training of school kids is done in 15-minute sessions on – bullying, good people, bad people, 911, drugs safe zone, and other topics to be added. How to get away using fists and feet. “BOB” is a replica of a “dummy” to learn how to kick “him” and get away. They have a “BOB, JR” dummy for 4-year olds to train on. They learn stance, block, and peppering quick fists with fingers extended! High elbow, heel, toe kick and shin kick and using phone 911 non-emergency and emergency language.

President Chris Tatum and April Programs Chairman Ginger Peagler thank Zina Ponsell, Magnolia House, for speaking to the Club about all of the activities helping abused children.