Rome club hears updates on fraud

· Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Exchange Club of Rome recent programs featured two Exchangites who work together to help prevent fraud. Exchangite John Upton and Exchangite (and Sheriff) Tim Burkhalter provided some interesting and amazing stats.

“Statistics will show us that within the next year, 50 percent of the phone calls you are going to get on your cellphone or your home line are going to be some kind of a scam call,” Sheriff Burkhalter said. (picture on left)

John Upton, who retired from the Georgia Highlands College as the head of the College Police now works with the Sheriff’s office and heads the Fraud Abuse section.

Here are some quotes that may help you from being scammed:

“You don’t win any contests that you don’t enter,”

“They can print anything and make it look good nowadays,”

“Don’t trust them unless you know exactly who they are and what they are,”

“You shouldn’t have to pay to get a ‘free’ prize”