Georgia Fisheries present to Waycross Club

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Bert Deener, of the Georgia Fisheries Division was the guest speaker at a recent meeting of the Exchange Club of Waycross. They have authority over thirty-four counties in the region. It covers a five-to six county-wide strip along the eastern coast of Georgia from Florida to South Carolina line. Georgia holds world-wide record for bass and chain pickeral. Commercial fisheries fair well in high water fishing of blue gill and red eye fish. The Altamaha is excellent for fishing and holds world record for blue gill and red eye fish. Flathead catfish are big in the Altamaha River. There are four fisheries in the North Georgia area. Crappie is good fishing now. Some get to ten pounds. The Division has placed 100 brush piles in the rivers for fish. Night fishing will start February 18. They started in 1996 to remove flatheads from the rivers. High water and flood areas are goof for fishing.