Faith Works visits Brunswick Club

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The Exchange Club of Brunswick recently hosted guest speaker Rev. Wright Culpepper from FaithWorks. Rev. Culpepper told the club about the different ministries of Faith Works: Cancer Network of Hope, Samaria, Sparrows Nest, The Well, and Open Doors.

FaithWorks encourages people to live out their faith. We might be holding a hand while someone is dying, or praying before someone goes into surgery, or listening to someone in crisis. We might be picking up a piece of litter, or hammering a nail, or painting a wall. We might be planting a seed, or mentoring a child, or driving someone to the doctor. FaithWorks can be different things to different people…an opportunity ….an angel in time of need…a resource. We offer hope, encouragement, love and support.

Pictured from left to right Pres. Elect George Barnhill, Rev. Wright Culpepper, Vice Pres. Mike Lynch and Pres. Kevin Higgins