Exchange Club of Tifton Honors Police Officer Of The Year

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Detective Jacob Teter has been honored by the The Exchange Club of Tifton with the the Officer of the Year Award.  Teter is a member of the Tifton Police Department. Detective Teter graduated from the Academy in October of 2007 where he earned his Class Flag. For the last ten years, he has worked with the ABAC Police Department and Ashburn Police Department before coming to Tifton in 2015. Teter has his Associates degree in Computer and Information Systems, as well as Criminal Justice. He is almost completed the requirements for his Bachelors degree from Valdosta State University.  Detective Teter has served as the lead investigator on two recent murders in Tifton, both of which have been solved. He has also been the lead on several financial crimes. He has served in these larger investigation roles, all while also taking the smaller burglary and other calls.