Exchange Club of Albany Places Freedom Shrine

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The Exchange Club of Albany presented a Freedom Shrine to the Lee County Library on February 12th 2018 to provide an educational experience for years to come.  The Freedom Shrine is a collection of up to 29 original historic American documents photographically reproduced and attractively displayed in 1000 of locations across the nation. The Freedom’s Shrine purpose is to remind all Americans that the Freedoms that they enjoy today are, in essence, a gift from the past-the product of the idealism, determination, and sacrifice of vast numbers of courageous men and women who preceded us. The Shrine also serves to remind all of us that so precious a gift as Freedom much be continually guarded and protected.  It is the sincere belief of the Exchange Clubs of American that the Freedom Shrine is an empowering reminder of the Duties and Responsibilities of American Citizenship as well as it Rights and Privileges. The Exchange Club of Albany has placed Freedom Shrines in schools in Dougherty and Lee County and at least one governmental building in Albany.