Albany Exchangites Honored By Community For Outstanding Volunteer Work

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L-R, Lavonda Paulk, Charlie Freeman of Charles Freeman Ministries, and Larry Griffin.

Three members of the Exchange Club of Albany have been singled out for their volunteerism in the community.  During the tornados of January 3rd and 22nd 2017 Charles Freeman, a club member was out around 2:00 AM surveying the damage from one end to the other. After making reports to several organizations he reports to, he began to organize the cleanup effort. There were many organizations eventually involved but the Charlie Freeman Ministry, but along with Larry Griffin, another club member they remained committed all year long with their last effort removing the huge root balls left from trees blown over. Because of his effort he was honored by the “Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful” organization as “ Volunteer of the Year”. Lavonda Paulk, also a member of the Exchange Club of Albany, was also honored by the “Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful” organization for the “Clean Business” Category. Her place of business it was always immaculate with grounds manicured and the building always looking like it had a fresh coat of paint. The Albany club are proud to have these three with a huge Community Service spirit as members.