Wayne County/Jesup Club Sponsors Car Seat Check For National Day Of Service

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The Exchange Club of Wayne County, Jesup, Ga sponsored/ hosted a Car Seat Check. The club donated $250 to Safe Kids in Wayne County to purchase new car seats and had Carol Irvin (Wayne County’s Coalition Coordinator and Certified Car Seat Inspector) come and inspect the car seats. They inspected several car seats in several cars from infants all the way to booster seats and ended up replacing 1 high back booster and correcting the installation of 2 infant seats (so a total of possibly 3 children’s lives were saved that day!!!)! The car seats that were not used were given to Safe Kids for future Car Seat Inspection events. They also use these seats at road blocks with the Georgia State Patrol if one is expired, missing parts, or something is not by manufacture guidelines, or they can be delivered by a Certified Technician at regular stops upon discovery of an improper seat.