The STAR Students Shine In Rome

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The Star Students of Rome and Floyd County were honored at the Exchange Club of Rome.  The program held in cooperation with the Greater Rome Chamber of Commerce honors students were chosen because they have the highest SAT scores at their schools and are in the top 10 percent of their class. STAR students also are asked to choose a STAR teacher who most influenced them in their school career.  Two of these students will go on to the regional level later this month.

The STAR students and teachers are: Armuchee student Jayme Barrett, who chose Ashley Flagello as her teacher; Coosa student Keiley Rowland, who chose Adam Daniel as her teacher; Darlington student Thompson Liu, who chose Gregg Marshall as his teacher; Model student Katerina Creel, who chose Lacey Pinson as her teacher; Pepperell student Abbey Hensley, who chose Linda Casey as her teacher; Rome student Saabiq Dewan, who chose Jamie Wisner as his teacher; and Unity Christian student Carson Earnest, who chose Donna Bojo as his teacher.

Rowland and Daniel from Coosa High will be the county representatives, and Liu and Marshall from Darlington were selected as the city and private school representatives.