Exchange Club of Waycross Honors Student Of The Month For February

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The Exchange Of Waycross honored Hanna Grace Simmons as their Student Of The Month for February.  She is ranked 28th of 362 Ware County High School seniors. When asked what she attributes her academic success, Hanna stated: “I attribute my success to my gracious God and loving family. The Lord has enabled me to focus on what is important and put me on a path of good choices for my future; I am thankful for God’s great plan for me. My loving family provided me with a solid foundation of love and encouragement that helps me strive to meet goals, go out of my comfort zone and not be afraid of failure.”  She was given the opportunity to become an intern at Unison Behavioral Health and has enjoyed working with elementary school-aged students. Because of her intern experience, she is certain that being a school social worker will allow her to fulfill her passion of helping others.