Brunswick hears from House of Hope

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The Exchange Club of Brunswick recently hosted guest speakers Darcelle Burandt and Shelley Hendrix from House of Hope. House of Hope is 501(3)c faith-based therapeutic safe house with a 12-month program, a place of refuge and recovery, for girls ages 12-18 who have been traumatized by sex trafficking or are at risk of becoming sex trafficking victims. House of Hope is licensed by the State of Georgia as a Child-Caring Institute and has both a Maximum Watchful Oversight designation and a Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking designation. HOH is willing to work with placing agencies to utilize six therapeutic beds. Without the generosity and support of others who want to fight Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking, they cannot help the girls who find refuge there. Georgia is one of the most affected states regarding youth and sex trafficking. This home is in such desperate need because there are only 33 other beds available in Georgia for this specific form of trauma and they are all in the Atlanta area. House of Hope is the only place in Coastal Georgia and SE Georgia with beds. This house is such a blessing for the girls since they do not need to be so far away from home and will allow for the possibility of family involvement. To learn more or to donate to the House of Hope please visit their website Pictured from left to right are Pres. Elect George Barnhill, Shelly Hendrix, Darcelle Burandt, Pres. Kevin Higgins, and Vice Pres. Mike Lynch.