Brunswick club honors Officers of the Year

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The Exchange Club of Brunswick held their annual Police Officer of the Year luncheon recently. The club has been honoring local law enforcement for over 30 years. This year the club honored 12 officers from 9 different agencies. Each officer was chosen by his or her department. The Exchange Club of Brunswick is very proud of the men and women who protect and serve our community.

Pictured from left to right BPD chief (retired) T.C. Cowan, SRO Branden Kennedy, SGT DNR Chris Ridley, BPD Martin Davis, Pres. Elect George Barnhill, GCSO Deputy 4 James Jones, CCGA officer Daniel Floyd, GCPD SGT Eric Koenig, Trooper Deidra Stillwagoner, GCSO Detention officer Alan Hatch, GB911 Communication training officer Deanna Wright, Fed. Supervision officer Scot Riggs, State Supervision officer Andre Melville, Pres. Kevin Higgins and Chairman GCPD Chief (retired) Carl Alexander

Not pictured GSP Jekyll TFC 2 Raumando Thompson