Blackshear “Buzzing” About Bees

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The Exchange Club of Blackshear was all abuzz as John and Rosela Riechert, the owners of North and South Honey Farm in Patterson enlightened the club on their unique business and its importance in the world of agriculture.

John purchased 5 Bee Hives in 1971 and now have over 18,000.  He currently travels to Michigan and California with his bees which are used for pollinating many flowers and crops such as almonds, oranges, apples, watermelon and many others.

He stated the queen bees are getting harder and harder to find and are in great demand. John originally had planned to move to Alaska and” live off the land” but when he sent off for a book on building a log cabin, they were out, so he received a free book about bee keeping. He was hooked from the very beginning and has now worked in the industry for over 46 years now.

Pictured: Nick Roberson, Club Chairman and John Riechert