Albany Club Selects Youth of the Year

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The Exchange Club of Albany has selected it’s Youth of the Year of 2016-2017 and it is Yi Jian Ma Ma from Westover High School. Yi has a 4.21 GPA, was named a National AP Scholar with distinction, won a gold medal for Economics in Georgia’s Academic Decathlon last year, is a 3-year reigning winner of Westover’s debate team and the list goes on and on with his accomplishments and interests. Yi for earning a $750 scholarship and the opportunity to compete for the Georgia District Youth of the Year and an additional $1500 scholarship.  The Georgia District winner will be entered in the National Exchange Club competition where that winner will received a $10,000 scholarship.  Pictured with Albany President Kay Griffin are Caleb Thompson, first runner-up and winner of a $500 scholarship, Yi, and Jamil Harden, second runner-up who received a $250 scholarship.