Albany Club Quickly Responds To Lee County High School

· Reading Time: 1 minute

The Exchange Club of Albany comes through again! The Exchange Club President received a call on Wednesday from Lee County High School Assistant Principal and the Leesburg Police Department and were asked if we could put together a team to park cars for the Lee County Playoff game on Friday. (This is usually handled by the Lee County HS JROTC but they were all gone due to Holidays). With a few emails and phone calls we were able to put together a group of 8 Exchangites (even with the Holidays) and we parked approximately 700 vehicles. The Leesburg Police Department worked with us to coordinate the parking and pretty much left it up to us to handle! The Lee County High School was very appreciative and the Sherriff mentioned that we did an excellent job but as I told him, we have had a lot of experience!! They indicated they would give us a donation for assisting but if they do we will give it back to the High School for Special Projects.

Community Service is one of our Projects and there are very few times the Exchange Club of Albany does not come through when we are asked for assistance! The great thing is this if true about all Exchange Clubs!! Be Proud to be an Exchangite!!