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Start The 2017-2018 Year Off The Right Way

The Time To Start Your Youth Awards Programs is NOW!
A.C.E. Award
Youth of the Year
American Citizenship Speech Contest

Visit each page of our Youth Awards under the Our Committees tab above and learn about each program and download the information that you will need for your local clubs. EVERY Georgia District Club should have an entry for District competition in each of these special awards. Don’t deny your local students the chance to win a $1500 scholarship that goes to each of the three District competition winners, and a chance at a $10,000  scholarship if the A.C.E. or Youth of the Year are chosen the National Exchange winners.

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Download the 2017-2018

Program Calendar

Coordinate your local club’s programs and activities with the National Exchange Program Calendar.  Use the button to download it and keep your club on the same page at the same time.

Exchange Calendar

Just About EVERYTHING You Need To Know

If you are a local club officer, committee chair, or just interested in what makes a good club GREAT, you need to download the 2017-2018 edition of “Leading a Successful Club.”

Download Successful Club

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For YOU And YOUR Club

Exchange Marketplace

THE Place To Purchase EVERYTHING  Exchange


Every Club needs a place to supply them with Exchange items and yours is as close at the CLICKING THE BUTTON BELOW.

In the Exchange Marketplace you will find certificates and plaques to complement your Programs of Service Awards.  You will find pins for members and officers.  You will find supplies that support each of our Programs of Service areas.  You will find gifts for your club’s speakers.  You will find items of clothing that easily identify you and the members of your club as EXCHANGE STRONG!

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